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Don't be Smart!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The worst scenario for a entrepreneur is when he gets through a business in "blindfold" modality. Often have money to invest doesn't mean succeed. A common thought how to run a sportbook site seems to just buy a software and let it run alone !!!!

Sportbook is not lottery!!!!

if you don t manage your risk you lose money !!! Your pay-out will overreach 100% !!!

Managing your "odds" means decide what is your edge, exposure, ROI etc..

Increasing randomly an odd of 3% to beat your competitor could cost money and expose your sportbook at "sure bet" ...namely you will lose money altogether!

Why us?

As to drive a car you need license... so to run a sportbook you need skill !!!!

Nobody learns drive a car just start the engine and gas the pedal!!!!!

You know the outcome : CRASHING and getting HURT!!

We provide the acknowledge to understand how to get money !!

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