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“This is the historic and decisive moment Brazil has been looking for to legalize gaming”

Updated: May 10, 2020

Fabio Tibéria, International Gaming Consultant, will be part of OGS 2019 at the lecture “Technologies: Ensuring Responsible Gaming and Player Protection.” In this exclusive pre-event conversation, he talks about the expectations for his participation, and the next steps of local legislation. “I've always emphasized Brazil's potential without legalization; the country is a Ferrari going at 50 km/h, but we all know that it has the potential to go 300 km/h,” he says.

GMB - What is your expectation to participate in an event like OGS organized by Clarion in Sao Paulo? With the betting legalization it is expected a record of public interested in participating in the meeting… Fabio Tibéria - My participation in OGS is always a source of great pride and I thank the organizers for the invitation and everyone who is fighting for legalization. This is a decisive “historical moment” that Brazil had been waiting for. The public record marks another positive goal.

Could you anticipate some of the key concepts you will present to the public during your talk? My talk will focus on responsible gaming and player protection ie; gambling financial education, gambling addiction, player privacy, KYC, data protection, protection of minors, socio-economic effect of gambling advertising, comparison of different regulations in US member states , Green paper, etc.. What is your vision of the gaming market in Brazil, and what are the main ways it should follow to mature and consolidate? In every congress I attended, I always emphasized Brazil's potential ... paraphrasing, without legalization, Brazil is like a Ferrari going at 50 km/h. Everyone knows that Brazil has the potential to go 300 km/h. From your area, what support could you make for the regulation that the Ministry of Economy develops for the betting market? What would be the top 3 advice you could give? The Ministry of Economy is developing a unique model of regulation with great competence, awareness and professionality by offering public hearing to future operators and operators in the sector. My opinion according to what I heard about the various operators would be: 1) Apply gross gaming revenue (GGR) tax instead of turnover because it generates incompatibility and economic contrasts between government and operators. Betting fixed price does not guarantee a certain predetermined profit. 2) Apply telematic controls on “Match-fixing” with cartography of reload centers (betshop), anomalous volume control on suspicious games, prohibit betting on professional categories that may directly or indirectly influence the outcome. 3) Create a unique protocol for operators with a “controlled competitiveness” starting with a minimum agreed edge margin. Compared to the rest of Latin America, do you think Brazil's advances in 2019 were fast or slow for what the market demands? It was pretty fast and confirmed the determination of this legislature.

Do you believe that the opening of the lottery market in Brazil with the grant of LOTEX to the IGT/SG consortium is great news for private companies that want to come to the country and invest? My sincere congratulations to two giants that are the first to believe in Brazil. They are the pioneers of a great socioeconomic revolution. Such an important involvement only brings more confidence and credibility. Can you imagine 2020 as the year of Brazil's big takeoff on iGaming? A great philosopher and mathematician in the 1600 formulated the first bet. " Vive ut Deus daretur", what means "Bet in God" (B. Pascal). Personally, in 2020 I will always bet on God and ..... in Brazil !!!! Source: Exclusive Games Magazine Brasil

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